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2D Animation

2D animation course launched by BAL LAB and ARM strong community development NGO as part of the #SkillSchool educational program.

Read on if you wish to learn new skills, a modern profession, and theoretical and practical knowledge.

Those who successfully finish the course will get a certificate of completion, and the best students will participate in a trial period at BAL LAB and other relevant partner companies.

Follow this link to sign up for the course.

Other information

  • Location: BAL LAB (Gyumri, Gayi 1 str., GTC, 107th office)
  • Duration: 2 months
  • Registration applications and preliminary exams serve as the basis for admission.
  • Cost: AMD 29,000 monthly after ARM strong Community Development Program covered 60% of the monthly expense.

If the applicant has a disability, has been forced to leave Artsakh, took part in the war, or has another social vulnerability, the course will be free.

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