Environment and Health welcomed BAL LAB staff

Environment and Health welcomed BAL LAB staff The partner organization Environment and Health welcomed BAL LAB staff to their end-of-year celebration. The NGO’s executive director, Liana Margaryan, gave an annual speech during the event, outlining their accomplishments, achieved milestones, and upcoming projects. After the ceremony, certificates of appreciation were given to the partner organizations and […]

“BAL LAB Annual Awards 2022” and Christmas Party

“BAL LAB Annual Awards 2022” and Christmas Party The event was open to BAL LAB staff and guests from partner companies, who took part in the award ceremony and New Year’s celebration. The BAL LAB Board selected the nominations and winners for the “BAL LAB Annual Awards 2022.” This year’s awards ceremony had 12 winners […]

Meeting with the Mayor of Gyumri

Meeting with the Mayor of Gyumri BAL LAB team met with the Mayor of Gyumri, Vardges Samsonyan. The ongoing projects and services of BAL LAB were presented. The main topics of discussion were the and projects and possible collaborations. Mr. Samsonyan highly appreciated the steps taken by BAL LAB toward the development of the city and expressed […]

“3 guests” – High Tech

“3 guests” – High Tech The event of the project “3 guests” on the subject of high technologies took place on November 16. The speakes of the event, Ruben Meschyan, Artavazd Minasyan, and Karen Nikoghosyan, discussed education in the field of high technologies, as well as producing their products and offering services. At the beginning […]

UK ambassador at BAL LAB

UK ambassador at BAL LAB British ambassador to Armenia at BAL LAB John Gallagher, the British ambassador to Armenia, visited BAL LAB. All of BAL LAB’s goals and objectives were discussed at the meeting, including its social entrepreneurship component, current programs and services. Mr. Ambassador gave the projects a very positive reaction, emphasizing their willingness […]

BAL LAB team in Goris

BAL LAB team in Goris BAL LAB team was in Goris with an educational mission A few days ago, the BAL LAB team went to Goris to take park in the official opening of Impact Hub Syunik and to conduct mentoring for the participants of the program “Stronger Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Syunik – Supporting vulnerable […]

“3 Guests” – Marketing

“3 Guests” – Marketing The “3 guests” project’s first meeting was held, and the topic of discussion was marketing. Anna Salome, Misha Poghosyan, and Lilit Broyan were the three guests, who spoke about the three branches of marketing, their key aspects, the essential stages of becoming a marketer, and many other interesting topics. The speakers […]