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SKYE Gyumri – The 2nd Anniversary

We summarized one of the collaborative BAL LAB initiatives, “SKYE Gyumri,” which lasted for two years.

The SKYE students served as the event’s principal heroes, while their parents, friends, and family members attended as guests. The representatives of World Vision Armenia, Liana Sargsyan, and Kristina Aslikyan, who have already become family, were on the list of distinguished guests, along with Hannes Reuter, team leader of World Vision Germany.

Members of SKYE spoke during the speeches about the knowledge, networks, and, most significantly, the chances offered by the club during this time, particularly the initiatives in which they had the opportunity to participate and play a significant role, such as, VENTE, Digital Forest, “3 guests”, “You Think Hackathon”, “Digital Corner”, as well as other initiatives – environmental and educational projects.

We are pleased that the bright, ambitious, and talented young people who make up Gyumri’s SKYE club have come together thanks to our combined efforts; it is always a pleasure to work with them on various projects.